Your hair can play a big role in how you define your looks and think of yourself. It can take some time to come to terms with the thought that your hair is thinning, and careful consideration to take action. Each of our clients have a unique story, and a different story of trials and tribulations before visiting Harklinikken. Hair loss is a sensitive subject, and brings many concerns. At Harklinikken we hear a number of questions from prospective clients – on topics ranging from hair loss prevention to styling options during treatment. We understand your hesitations and we aim to make sure every client feels confident and comfortable.

Because each person is different, each client’s path to hair regrowth might be a little different. Success is quite dependent on the commitment to the process, but while timing may vary, Harklinikken clients experience many of the same steps and feelings as they regrow hair.

1) Assessment
Before any treatment is given, every potential client should take our Hair Assessment. This will answer some background questions and determine the current state of your hair and scalp. We will also request that you submit pictures of specific areas of your hair and  scalp. If we believe we can help, we'll prepare a treatment plan with your customized Extract, shampoo regimen and individual instructions for their use. Our hair specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have during treatment. If our clinical specialists determine that you’re a good candidate, you’ll be accepted into treatment.

2) Changing the daily routine
Once accepted, you’ll apply the extract and shampoo daily to achieve optimal results. Some clients find the addition to their daily routine to be a bit of a change, but quickly adjust. Most often they’re anxious for results, and we’re here to answer your questions and support any concerns. The length of time needed to achieve visible results varies from individual to individual.

3) Hair regrowth
You should begin to notice results in 4 months, but your stylist and people around you may notice the difference much earlier, especially people that have not seen you in a while. We will be working with you to monitor your progress throughout the process.

4) Ongoing support
You’ll receive emails and calls from the clinic staff. Follow the daily routine, and consider trying some of our hair styling products to experiment with new styles as your hair grows in thicker and shinier.

5) Noticing a difference
Your results are dependent on how early you sought treatment, and how carefully you follow instructions for daily use. We will discuss realistic expectations with you at the time of your assessment. Harklinikken clients must adhere to their recommended treatment protocol to experience and maintain their optimum results. If you are ready to find out if you are a candidate for our hair regrowth treatment, take our free Hair Assessment here.