How to look after a dehydrated scalp
Your scalp is a delicate ecosystem, a biological environment that requires compassion and purposeful cleansing. When you neglect to care for your scalp’s health, that fragile ecosystem is disrupted, and your scalp can become dry, itchy, and irritated.

Scalp neglect and hair thinning
When the scalp environment is thrown off for long periods, many people with initially healthy hair experience exacerbated hair thinning. Constant care for the scalp is required to have consistently beautiful, lustrous hair and to combat female hair thinning. When you don’t properly care for your scalp, you risk irritation, redness, infections, and inflammation. These symptoms are only part of the consequences of neglecting your scalp. Eventually, an unbalanced scalp ecosystem can transition into hair thinning. A dry scalp can prevent new hair growth because of small skin particles that block your hair follicles. When these follicles are blocked, sebum builds up, limiting hair growth even further and causing a thinning in the individual strands that do grow. A dry scalp can also lead to irritation and the tendency to scratch for relief. Scratching can cause damage to hair follicles, which can also cause thinning hair.

Should I detox my scalp?
At Harklinikken, we caution against scalp detox procedures because they often contain harsh ingredients that can end up doing more damage than good to your delicate scalp skin. If you feel you need a detox, avoid rough scrubs as these can damage your hair strands at the base, compromising future strength, luster, and beauty. Furthermore, detoxes can further disrupt your scalp’s delicate ecosystem, either exacerbating dryness or causing a build-up of oils and sebum in your hair follicles.

What shampoo should I use for dry scalp treatment?
At Harklinikken, our Founder and Lead Researcher, Lars Skjoeth, has been hard at work, perfecting the world’s finest scalp shampoo that uses a holistic approach to revitalize hair follicles and yield amazing results. 

Our Balancing Shampoo is an exciting solution for anyone who wants to maximize their scalp-love-self-love regimen and transcend their hair care. This shampoo empowers hair with a mild formula that gently balances the pH of the scalp and leaves hair feeling nourished, cleansed and liberated from the constraints of a severely dry scalp. The formula for our Balancing Shampoo is substantiated and supported by dermatologists around the world. They recommend this dry scalp treatment for its ability to treat dandruff and mild seborrheic dermatitis. It nurtures your scalp to return it to its natural and healthy environment, relieving your vulnerabilities around hair thinning and helping you feel beautiful inside and out. 

What else can I do to maximize scalp health?
We recommend investing in our Harklinikken Shampoo and hydration program, which uses good chemistry and problem-free ingredients to clean your scalp and maximize your hair care. For those who are 100% committed to nurturing and caring for their scalp, we also recommend our Extract. This customized scalp solution is handmade using clean chemistry and nature’s raw materials, blended by hand, to nourish hair and scalp health based on your specific needs.