Your scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair, so it needs just as much love as you offer your locks. In fact, a healthy scalp treatment can help your hair stay stronger and help guard against hair thinning.

You may have heard of when talking about maintaining a healthy scalp is build-up, but what exactly are we referring to? Scalp build-up is the overall term for a mix of hair products and dead skin cells that can settle on your scalp, alongside sebum secretion from your sebaceous glands.

Because build up sits atop your hair follicles, they can quickly become clogged. As a result, your follicles can develop irritation, inflammation, or infection, which can lead to thinning. Luckily, some simple healthy scalp treatments address these issues and help achieve the beautiful hair of your dreams.

How to maintain a healthy scalp
Each of us has different scalp conditions to consider when developing a solid routine. Some of us are prone to dryness, while others have high oil production, which can develop scalp build up quickly. These conditions impact your hair, so it’s wise to tackle naturally occurring issues like scalp build up before they sit for too long. At Harklinikken, we have been taking a scalp-first approach for decades, so they’re happy to help.

We should all wash our hair at least three times per week, but for many, daily shampooing is best. You may want to adjust to more frequent washes depending on your level of scalp build up. You should also consider the way you’re using your shampoo during cleansing sessions. We are happy to share the proper way to apply shampoo to develop the best healthy scalp treatment.

The best way to wash your hair
When working to remove build-up, you’ll want to work a cleanser thoroughly into your scalp, rubbing the scalp carefully and massaging for around 30 seconds. Use circular movements, moving the scalp to stimulate healthy blood flow. In addition to cleansing your scalp, this approach promotes growth and encourages follicles to take deeper roots.

When you wash daily, you don’t need to apply shampoo to the lengths of your hair. Focus on thoroughly cleansing the scalp with shampoo and using conditioner on the rest of your strands. By adding our Conditioner before washing, you protect your hair from coming into contact with the shampoo when you rinse it out. An excellent combination for this process is our Balancing Shampoo with our Daily Conditioner. The shampoo’s natural constituents like organic oats and mustard seeds soothe and cleanse the scalp, while the daily conditioner’s lightweight formula protects and hydrates each strand.

We know how to tackle scalp build-up so your hair can grow freely. We’ve developed amazing products like our Restorative shampoo to add even more carefully blended ingredients to your regular cleansing routine. With ingredients like burdock root, flavonoids, and glycosides, this is the perfect blend of botanical-based ingredients and good chemistry. With the right tools on your side, each wash will leave your scalp clean and your hair free to achieve its greatest potential.