The health of your scalp determines the health of your hair. More often than not, we pay little attention to our scalp, instead lavishing TLC on the hair itself. But scalp health is, quite literally, the root of luscious locks as hair growth takes place deep within the hair follicles. Dry, itchy skin, dandruff, oily or brittle hair are all signs that your scalp needs a little attention.

Harklinikken’s approach has always been scalp-first. By restoring the health of your scalp to create the ideal conditions for hair growth, Harklinikken’s products protect the scalp from problematic ingredients and external irritants that diminish hair quality and growth while ensuring existing and new hair grows strong and long.

Benefits of scalp care:
1) Regulates the production of sebum and diminishes greasy hair.
2) Promotes blood flow to the scalp, giving faster hair growth and healthier, stronger hair.
3) Soothes sensitive, irritated scalps, removing the dead skin and excess oil responsible for inflammation and hair loss.

The root of a healthy scalp
The skin on your scalp is different to that of the rest of your body. Covered with more sebaceous glands than anywhere else, it produces the sebum (oil) that keeps hair and skin healthy. Yet when left unchecked, hair follicles and pores can easily become clogged, trap bacteria and cause dandruff. These clogged follicles can stunt hair growth, as new hairs are often not strong enough to break through and grow. 

Keep it clean
Cleansing should focus on scalp care. New hair starts in the follicles and when dead skin and oil collect at the roots, they prevent the hair-boosting blood flow in the scalp from working its magic. A gentle shampoo, formulated without the use of toxic ingredients and that cleans without stripping, should be used on the scalp, not the ends, which should be targeted with conditioner.

Don’t overload on products
A little goes a long way, as the saying goes. Build up from products can lead to inflammation or dandruff which, in turn, can stunt hair growth or even cause hair loss. Keep styling products to a minimum – and make sure they don’t contain harmful ingredients that coat the hair or block the follicles

Eat well, grow better
What you put into your body has an effect on the outside of your body, too. A healthy, balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins and healthy fats from unprocessed foods plays a big role in scalp health.

Make scalp care a part of your hair routine.  Our entire range of products is based on naturally derived, pure and safe ingredients. Discover them here. Your best hair day is a click away.