It's no secret that our daily diet plays a big part in many aspects of our lives. Eating habits have a direct impact on our body, both negative and positive. Popular new diets like Paleo and the Zone get a lot of attention for their role in improving your weight, muscle tone, heart health and more, but it also plays an important role in determining your hair health. 

The right diet
Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs nutrients to stay healthy. "A clean diet that is nutrient dense and is non-processed is best," explains Clinical Manager Nancy Yagmin. A lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause an imbalance in your body, affecting your hair.

"This is why we see many clients who suffer from eating disorders struggling with their hair." To ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs, Harklinikken founder, Lars Skjoeth, recommends a well-balanced diet emphasizing unprocessed foods including fruits and crunchy vegetables. Each of these will break down to sugars slowly, which is excellent for your hair as well as your hormone system. Nancy suggests, "cold pressed oils like extra virgin olive oil, meat from grass fed animals, wild caught fish and organic butter is best for getting all of the fatty acids and vitamins needed."

Trendy diets
"Any trendy diet can be just that—a trend," Nancy states. Extreme diet changes are particularly concerning when you are looking to maintain healthy hair or regrow hair. Losing several pounds in a short time can cause severe hair shedding due to the hormone changes following a severe weight loss. This is also not a healthy way to lose weight and in most cases, it does not last. We recommend gradual lasting lifestyle changes that will influence many areas of life quality as well as weight loss.

Paleo and hair health
Nancy says Paleo is not necessarily bad, but people need to make sure they are getting enough iron and other essential nutrients. Paleo’s emphasis on clean eating, with a diet rich in grass-fed protein and unprocessed fruits and vegetables are largely supportive of hair health.

Atkins and hair health?
Diets such as Atkins are rich in protein, but may not be the best diet for overall health or for ensuring you are getting all of your nutrients in other food groups. While protein is important, a balanced diet including plant-based vitamins and minerals, good water from a spring source and other nutrients are critical to healthy hair.