Hairstyling products often mask issues with the hair by coating strands with silicones and other nasties that make them look shiny and sleek. This may feel like an easy way to achieve your favorite looks, but the heavy chemicals in these products can come at a cost. Many of these harmful ingredients cause damage to the actual hair strands and may cause build-up on your scalp, resulting in issues from itchiness to seborrheic dermatitis, while preventing both hair and hair follicles from “breathing”. This is why the best hair treatment is free from harmful chemicals and instead developed with ingredients that benefit hair’s vitality and repair hair while styling.

When using these products, you don’t need to worry about buying other products to counterbalance the harm caused by hairsprays and gels. Instead, your styling products work to help you on your journey to beautiful hair. So, instead of using harmful products and relying on a hair conditioning treatment to correct damage, you can use styling products that work alongside your hair care routine. Try these styling products so you can achieve your favorite styles, knowing your hair is happy and healthy.

Styling spray with horsetail and marigold extracts
Imagine having a Styling Spray you can feel confident using day after day. You’ll feel confident combining this product with the best hair treatment on the market, knowing you are getting noticeable styling benefits and maintaining hair health no matter how much spray you use.

Styling paste with honeysuckle and aloe vera
This Styling Paste provides a firm hold and a matte finish without weighing down your hair. It is free from perfumes, petrochemicals, color, and problematic preservatives so you can use it as much as you like without worrying about loading your hair with unsafe chemicals. Even if you style with a hairdryer, you can always maintain hydration with a Hair Hydrating Créme that works multi-functionally as a heat protectant, styling product, and as a nourishing treatment that can be applied throughout your day. This way, you’ll know you’re maintaining the best hair treatment despite your styling methods.

Styling wax with salvia and rosemary
This Styling Wax adds shine while holding your hair in place. Its plant-based and other naturally derived ingredients are gentle on your hair while protecting it. This product is free of perfume, color, petrochemicals, parabens, and other unsafe ingredients and can be used confidently to supplement your hair growth regimen. Choosing to style with hair-nurturing ingredients can help you feel confident that you’re getting the best hair treatment possible.

Styling gel with bamboo and quinoa
If you’re looking for a Styling Gel, this product offers plenty of benefits while holding your hair in your favorite styles. This styling gel is lightweight and contains potent plant-based constituents, promoting healthy hair and scalp by keeping your hair and scalp free of harmful chemicals. Since this product does not contain harmful chemicals, it promotes a lasting shine that benefits the hair shaft. You can use it in combination with your hair growth regimen to achieve the best hair treatment for thinning hair. With products like these, you can style your hair as often as you’d like, knowing your hair is reaping the benefits of clean chemistry that doesn’t compromise your hair and scalp health. And in that way, your hair follicles will be healthy and able to produce thicker, more lustrous hair!