Is any hair loss treatable?
“In women, hair loss is usually caused by hormonal thyroid, menopause, pregnancy pills — even stress or trauma alter the hair,” said Britta Richter, Managing Director of Harklinikken in Dusseldorf. “Circular hair loss (alopecia androgenitische) plays a minimal role in women. And if so,it progresses about three times slower than it does men. We can do a lot with any form of hair loss. Our therapy involves three steps and works to stop the hair loss and treats the already existing condition to get optimum quality.”

How do split ends happen?
Split ends occurs when the slats for the individual hairs are damaged, usually from chemical products, too much sun, salt, chlorine water or overuse of styling products — especially hairspray and mousse. “The blades are damaged, it can no longer be repaired. Special products can indeed fill the fractures, but most women complain that the hair is too heavy then,” says Britta. Preventing the split ends is the only way, otherwise only getting it cut can help!

What causes gray hair at a young age?
Gray hair means that the body’s own pigment factory, which produces our hair color, is paralyzed. Genetic factors are usually the cause when this happens in young women. However, mineral deficiency may also be responsible. The few nutrients that are left cannot reach the hair’s pigment factory anymore. “What I’ve found is that people who are too acidic latent typically turn gray,” says Britta. In the rare individual cases, certain plant extracts delay graying.

Which diet is best for your hair?
The usual rules apply: plenty of water (2 liters per day), not drinking coffee and avoid empty carbohydrates like fast food. Everything that is processed industrially, eliminate it. It is important to have a diet with sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Regularly eat zinc (oysters, oatmeal, cheese), selenium (in yeast) and iron (spinach, red meat). “Food is one of the best ways to nurture your hair,” says Britta. Amino acids are also very important because the hair is composed out of them. 

Why does hair thin with age?
This is a natural process. But you can prevent it by activating the hair follicle with growth factors. “Maturity decreases, your hair changes and it results in more hair loss. The hair becomes thinner and lives shorter. Although it grows back, it gets thinner,” says Britta.