Article by Laura Eckstein Jones, Modern Luxury Angeleno, September 19, 2021

In L.A., chatting about the latest work you’ve had done is as commonplace as recommending a restaurant. A little nip here, a little tuck there—everyone is doing it! But one topic rarely touched—one that women deal with but are too embarrassed to discuss—is hair loss. That’s about to change when Harklinikken, a Denmark-based brand that helps combat thinning hair by focusing on scalp health, arrives in Beverly Hills this fall.

“Harklinikken focuses primarily on being a safe haven for those dealing with hair thinning, hair loss, or those who are seeking optimal scalp and hair health,” says founder and head of research and development Lars Skjoth, who opened the brand’s first clinic in Copenhagen in 1992. (It now operates in five countries across three continents, namely Denmark, Iceland, Dubai, Germany and the U.S.) “From early on, I felt that female hair thinning was an underserved and misunderstood category, and now approximately 80% of our clients are women.”

Inside a Harklinikken clinic

Located on Burton Way, the L.A. flagship is a safe place for clients to find solutions to their own unique issues. “The clinic features an in-house lab where hair specialists hand mix customized formulas specifically tailored to each individual client,” says Skjoth. “In addition to the lab, more intimate private consultation rooms were also designed with homelike interiors.” After an initial consultation, clients will leave with customized products—all formulated with natural ingredients derived from plants and other organic materials—and can come back for follow-up appointments every few months to track progress and adjust formulas as needed.

“Hair thinning and loss is about so much more than hair; it’s about feeling good about yourself,” says Skjoth. “I find a purpose in allowing humans to feel their best, being confident in who they are. Seeing how we empower people on a deep level fuels me and my team with a passion to deliver our value to anyone in need.”