Article by Sunhee Grinnell, March 30, 2021

I am about to share something with you that is somewhat personal. It is about my journey of hair loss and my hair regrowth thanks to a brand called Harklinikken. A revolutionary non-toxic hair growing system developed by a scientist and a biochemist, Lars Skjoeth, based in Denmark. Still, he travels worldwide to help women (and men) experiencing hair loss and hair thinning.












[Photos above, left and right, my hair regrowth in 2018 after one year of being on Harklinikken customized hair Extract treatment and system; photographs by Billy Farrell @BFA at Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Los Angeles. Center, Harklinikken customized Extract; photograph courtesy of Harklinikken.]

As you may have noticed, I rarely expose anything that feels too intimate about myself on social media. But after reading Ricki Lake’s hair success story that she shared of using Harklinikken in People magazine, it gave me the courage to share my story too, with the hopes that it can help some of those who may be suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. I have spoken of Harklinikken often as my hair savior to friends and colleagues. And because I've worked closely with the genius inventor, Lars Skjoeth, the creator of this hair-and-life saving brand system, I can speak the truth from my heart.  

Hair Loss is a reality for some women, and it's more common than one may think. It's not only frightening, but it can feel crippling, daunting, and downright sad where it may start to affect your self-confidence and your outlook on life, especially as a woman. 

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had a thyroidectomy; therefore, I am and will be on medication for the rest of my life to mimic the thyroid functions, which we know has a lot to do with one's hormones. Coupled with the trauma of having surgery and the stress of it all, I knew that my body wouldn't function the same as before, but I was certainly happy to be alive and well again. Then came the hair loss and a lot of it, which truly frightened me, and it was indeed scary. It was also affecting my self-confidence as a woman, and then insecurity set in, in a significant way. I started to feel desperate. It became a big secret of mine. Only my husband and my hairstylist knew because I felt beyond embarrassed, almost ashamed of what was happening to me.

After trying everything under the sun for six months to either regrow my hair while trying to hide the lack thereof, I got an opportunity to meet Lars. I was still at Vanity Fair magazine when we met, and I am living proof that his customized system works. I have been a Harklinikken client since the spring of 2017 (I started my treatment approximately a year after my surgery), and the results speak for themselves. 










You may ask, what is Harklinikken? Well, it means Hair Clinic in Danish, and this company was founded back in 1992 in Copenhagen by Skjoeth with a focus on female hair loss and hair thinning. And aside from his Copenhagen location, Harklinikken has clinics in Iceland, Germany, and Dubai, three more in the U.S., including Flatiron District in N.Y.C., in Tampa, Florida, and a Beverly Hills location is opening up very soon! Harklinikken also offers virtual consultations.

While opening clinics worldwide, being the scientist and a biochemist that Skjoeth is, he continually improves the proprietary components that make up the customized Extract made for daily topical scalp application. It's not a simple science, but all I know is that it's simply magical because it worked for me. All Harklinikken products are 100% plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic and highly effective. The customized Extract (made just for an individual because not all scalp and hair condition is alike!) is the color of tea, it's odorless and not sticky, but it adds volume to the hair.

Since my diligent use of the Harklinikken system, I have experienced steady growth in my hair, and now it's maintaining well and keeping it healthy. Since using Harklinikken, most of my hair has come back, but one must remember that hair growth is ebb and flow as one's health issues and diet affects hair growth or lack thereof. So, yearly medical check-ups are essential, and 100% compliance with the Harklinikken system will give you the best results possible if you are indeed a good candidate.

Above, my hair condition in the fall of 2016 before starting Harklinikken customized treatment.
Below, my current hair condition since using Harklinikken.

And there's more good news! In recent months, Skjoeth has been formulating the Extract with new revolutionary components that have been under concentrated development for the past 13 years. Clinical trials were conducted diligently during Covid in Copenhagen, and the studies have shown exponential growth, even more so than ever before, with proven results. And for the last four months, with this newly added "booster" in my Extract, I swear I've seen a difference for the better. Where my hair is not just growing, but each strand of hair is visibly thicker, more robust, and resilient, and that’s no lie! 'Cause, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Since meeting Lars and then having worked with him for a year (after leaving Vanity Fair) to help get the word out about Harklinikken to top hairstylists in the industry, needless to say, it’s been widely successful. After all, hairstyles tend to hear all our secrets, good or bad.

So, there you have it. My story of hair loss and my hair regrowth! From my heart, I know Harklinikken can help many of you, so I would encourage you to take a step to have a consultation to regain your self-confidence and take back your life! If you are a qualifying candidate, Harklinikken treatment will help you get back to who you are, as hair loss can be such a defining factor in one's life. I know that it's been just that for me in my life, a life savior.