Article by PureWow Editors, Yahoo! Finance, January 14, 2022

On the hunt for the best shampoo for a dry scalp? Whether it’s caused by a change in environment or the products you’re using, a tight and itchy scalp can stem from any number of factors. Though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact culprit without having a derm or trichologist take a closer look, the good news is that the solutions are straightforward, in most cases.

For starters, you can try scaling back on how often you wash. Pending your hair type, overwashing can actually strip the scalp of its natural oils, and further the cycle of dryness. When you do wash, check your water temperature. While a scaling hot shower might feel nice, it’s also incredibly drying on your hair and skin. Try going for a warm or even lukewarm shower when you can (or at least limit the time spent in there).

And finally, choose your products carefully. You’ll want to avoid any drying ingredients like certain alcohols and sulfates, and instead look for hydrating and balancing ingredients that are gentle on your scalp.

We’ll get you started with 16 options ahead.


Best for Daily Use: Harklinikken Balancing Shampoo
Created by a Scandinavian haircare brand that treats hair loss and thinning, their mild shampoo gently removes excess oils and dead skin cells from your scalp, while balancing the pH, so it feels nourished and clean. Tip: After massaging the shampoo into your scalp, leave it in for 30 seconds before rinsing it out; repeat with a second shampoo for best results.