Article by Karina Hoshikawa, Refinery29, October 7, 2021

You might already invest precious time and money in hair serums, shampoos for your texture, and finishing sprays that ensure your hair looks and feels its best. But what about the spot where your hair begins? All too often, people neglect the scalp, aka the precious skin atop your head from which strands of hair grow. "Under all that hair, the scalp is skin like the rest of your body," says board-certified dermatologist Robyn Gmyrek, MD, of Union Square Laser Dermatology.

While things like dandruff and irritation may seem to strike without warning, a dry scalp is often the culprit. (If symptoms persist, though, consider seeing a dermatologist or trichologist.) When dealing with even mild signs of a dry scalp, consider switching up your hair-care products, starting with your shampoo. Ahead, you'll find 11 worthy options.


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