Styling Paste-Reformulated and Improved

$ 39.00

Styling Paste

Styling Paste is a plant based, delicious styling product that gives a firm hold and a matte look, without the use of problematic ingredients. It is free of perfume, color, petrochemicals, silicone and problematic preservatives.

Key ingredients

Styling Paste contains protecting plant extracts and fatty acids from jojoba oil.

What’s not in it

The styling paste contains no color, perfume, essential oils, petrochemicals or problematic preservatives like parabens.

How to use it

Apply a small amount in the palm, rub it until warm, and then style the hair. The paste is washed out of the hair easily – even without using shampoo. Store in a dry, cool place.

How to choose

Not sure which product is right for you? Our specialists can help. Contact us for a brief, free assessment.

Our promise

Our product lines brings you the philosophy and science of Denmark. We are committed to innovating with plant-based ingredients and without problematic chemicals. Our products can benefit anyone looking to maintain healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

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