Leave In Hair Hydrating Crème

$ 56.00

Hair hydrating crème

This chemical-free hair hydrating crème is technically superior as it opens the hair shaft and adds hydration to the hair, reducing dryness, creating fullness, and giving the hair elasticity. It serves as a good protector against heat from blow dryers, sun exposure, and styling accessories. This product is great for dry hair and curly hair.

Key ingredients

Our hydrating crème is based on Quinoa protein, ingredients from plants and flowers, and organic Argan oil.

What’s not in it

The hydrating crème contains no color, perfume, silicone, petrochemicals or problematic preservatives.

How to use it

Towel dry and apply to damp hair as a leave-in product. You may blow dry your hair afterwards. After blow drying, touch up with a small amount of hydrating crème or use styling gel for more hold.


How to choose

Not sure which product is right for you? Our specialists can help. Contact us for a brief, free assessment.

Our promise

Our product lines brings you the philosophy and science of Denmark. We are committed to innovating with plant-based ingredients and without problematic chemicals. Our products can benefit anyone looking to maintain healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

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