Our Harklinikken Kits make your hair care routine even easier

The Harklinikken Kits focus on specific hair and scalp needs, as well as offering some special gifting options. We hope these special collections help you get the most out of your hair care routine, or offer the gift of healthy hair to someone special. Discover more about each of the new Harklinikken Kits below.

The Hydration Heroes

The Hydration Heroes kit has been created for dry, damaged, curly, coarse or processed hair. Our Daily Conditioner, Hair Mask and Leave-In Hair Hydrating Crème can be used individually or in combination and will deliver an intense moisture boost.

All our hydration products use Harklinikken’s unique Hydration Technology that penetrates deep into each strand of hair to moisturize and protect without weighing your hair down. And, all products only use natural ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil and Abyssinian seed oil to replenish lost moisture and restore strength, elasticity and smoothness.

The Essential Kit

The Essential Kit will produce great results for all hair types. The kit includes our natural Balancing Shampoo, Daily Conditioner and Leave-In Hair Hydrating Crème.

When used in tandem with our hydrating products, the Balancing Shampoo’s mild formulation carefully balances your scalp’s pH and creates the optimal environment to promote hair growth.

The Perfect Pair

The Harklinikken Perfect Pair Kit gives you a gentle, yet highly-effective, two-step cleanse. The kit includes our daily Balancing Shampoo and Restorative Add-on Shampoo. The Balancing Shampoo’s mild formulation balances your scalp’s pH levels and prepares your hair and scalp to absorb nutrients from additional products. The Restorative Add-on Shampoo is applied after the Balancing Shampoo and contains some of the same unique ingredients found in Harklinikken’s exclusive Extract. These natural shampoos work in synergy to optimize conditions for hair growth.

The Travel Essentials

The Travel Essentials kit ensures that your hair doesn’t have to take a hit after you jet off on holiday.

Our Travel Essentials Kit contains mini versions of some of our bestselling products – everything you need to maintain your hair care regimen on the go, including our Daily Conditioner and Hair Mask.

The Harklinikken gift packs for him and her

We have created two unique offerings for that special someone in your life that you care for deeply.

The Perfect Gift For Her

The Perfect Gift For Her is an opportunity to give the gift of self-care and healthy, hydrated hair with our Hair Mask and Leave-In Hair Hydrating Crème.

The Perfect Gift For Him

The Perfect Gift For Him lets you give the gift of healthy, well-styled hair and all-day hold with our Styling Paste and Balancing Shampoo.