pH2 Shampoo

$ 44.00

pH restoring & cleansing shampoo

pH2 is a newly developed shampoo, which gently cleanses your hair while helping to balance and soften your hair without the use of silicone or other artificial ingredients that leave an artificial layer on your hair. It works especially well for dry hair or damaged hair. The gentle formula helps restore the scalp’s pH balance and improve the hair texture.

Key ingredients

pH2 shampoo is based on a very mild soap and contains organic Aloe Vera.

What’s not in it

pH2 shampoo contains no SLS, SLES, perfume, color, silicone, petrochemicals or parabens.

How to use it

Using a dime-sized amount, or more, depending on hair length, rub the shampoo between your palms and massage it thoroughly into your scalp and hair. Leave the shampoo in for 30 seconds and then rinse it out. If your hair is oily and/or dirty, repeating the shampoo a second time can greatly improve results. For best results, use pH2 shampoo in combination with the pH shampoo or BCB shampoo by alternating between the use of pH2 shampoo and either pH shampoo or BCB shampoo the next day. Many clients use BCB or pH shampoo as their first wash and use pH2 shampoo as a second wash.

How to choose

Not sure which product is right for you? Our specialists can help. Contact us for a brief, free assessment.

Our promise

Our product lines brings you the philosophy and science of Denmark. We are committed to innovating with plant-based ingredients and without problematic chemicals. Our products can benefit anyone looking to maintain healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

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