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We are dedicated to empowering individuals through products designed to bring out the best in both them and their hair.

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Since the start, we have helped thousands of men and women achieve their hair’s full and beautiful potential.

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Eight clinics in cities across three continents, including Dubai, Copenhagen, New York City, Düsseldorf, Reykjavik and Los Angeles.

A message from our founder

In 1992, when I was 25 years old, I opened the first clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hårklinikken simply means hair clinic in Danish. Since childhood, I have been plagued with scalp and hair issues, so it was natural for me to seek a career in this direction – and start the journey in my home country.

I distinctly remember wanting to create the most effective, clean, safe, and hair-enhancing product regimen one day. I think that one day we would have tens of thousands of clients worldwide using Harklinikken products. Even today, I still have to pinch myself.

Hair continues to amaze me. It defines us and is part of our identity and self-image. When we have less hair than we want, it changes us – the way we see ourselves and how others see us – and for some, it even prevents them from being who they really are.

Product development takes time when you want to do it right. Many of the Harklinikken products I have developed have taken a decade to complete. I am meticulous about details, and only when every single part of each individual product is perfected will I release it for use. This commitment to excellence defines our brand. Each ingredient must work in synergy – not only within the product itself but also with the other products in our assortment. At times, my unwavering attention to detail can drive my colleagues crazy – but we agree that this is, ultimately, a good thing.

At Harklinikken, we have a long list of ingredients that we avoid. These include colorants, perfumes, essential oils, and parabens, to name a few. We want to set an example and preserve the health of our clients as well as the environment. To that end, our products are produced in European and US factories specialized in safe, efficacious products and aligned with our high standards.

The Extract, the cornerstone of our hair vitality regime, has allowed tens of thousands of people to not only enhance their hair, but also their sense of worth and quality of life. You don´t have to take my word for it: our clients will happily tell you. Our products have been used by more than 100,000 people worldwide and have time-tested results. The Extract is completely unique compared to other products for improving hair quality available on the market today. 100% customized and hand-blended to each client´s individual needs, the formula is continually adjusted to ensure the best results as each client progresses on his or her hair journey.

We embrace the beauty of diversity in all aspects of the world. I have spent many years living abroad, researching, perfecting my work, and experiencing first-hand the differences in hair and scalp across ethnicity and environment, relating to climate, water, nutrition, and many other factors. This invaluable knowledge has led Harklinikken to where it is today.

We accept onto our regime only those we believe can get the hair improvement they are looking for, which is why our online Hair Assessment is a great place to start. It is available 24/7 and will give you an immediate answer as to whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the Harklinikken Extract treatment. You can also book an in-person appointment at one of our clinics in Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Dubai, or USA.

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey to healthier, fuller hair.

Warmest regards,

Lars Skjøth

Founder and Lead Researcher, Harklinikken

Made with ingredients you can trust

Hårklinikken is more than hair care. It is about becoming the best version of who you are, inside as well as out.

Our Community

Founded in science, rooted in compassion and driven by the desire to make people feel beautiful from within, Harklinikken has evolved into an empowering community of more than 100,000 individuals around the world.

Breaking down the taboo of hair thinning, we encourage our community to share their Harklinikken experience — not only how it is changing their hair, but also how it is changing their life. Get it back, give it back.

Harklinikken in a nutshell

The gender hair gap

Most of our clients are women, but we are here for anyone who is looking to fulfil the potential of their hair. There are so many misconceptions around hair thinning in both men and women, which often means that many do not realise they can actually get the hair they deserve and wish for.

The root of the problem

Far too often we see individuals with scalp issues caused by the products they use daily. Even products that are branded as natural often contain problematic ingredients that inhibit hair growth and diminish hair quality. We are here to change that.

Make the most of your hair

While we can help those experiencing hair thinning, our products are for anyone looking to make the most of their hair. Whether that is improving the quality of existing hair or boosting hair gain, you have come to the right place.

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