Our customized Extract is for anyone who wants fuller, healthier hair. Watch the instructional video to see how to apply your Extract, as well as tips on how to pamper your hair.

Apply Extract

Apply Extract and Hair Mask


A healthy scalp equals beautiful hair. Find out how to combine both cleansing and add-on shampoos to nourish and protect dry lengths.

Mix cleansing and add-on shampoos

Apply conditioner before and after shampooing


Our hydration line is made with technology that deeply hydrates your hair to leave it glossier, thicker and healthier with each use. Watch our guide to optimal hydration.

Apply Hair Mask

Apply Hydrating Creme

Apply Hair Hydrating Crème during the day

Nourish Hairtypes

A few tips and tricks on how to nourish your hair.

Nourish medium fine hair

Nourish curly hair

Nourish extra dry hair


Not only do our styling products make your hair look and feel amazing, they actually improve your hair health by adding natural and effective ingredients into the strands. This video gives you a few tips on how to style your hair with our Styling Spray.

Use Styling Spray

How to take baseline photos for online consultation

Taking the correct photos for our virtual or online consultations is crucial for keeping track of your Harklinikken journey. This allows both you and us to follow and celebrate your future results.

Take baseline photos for online/virtual consultation