Name: Linda McKenna
Profession: Librarian 
Country of residence: United States 

About Linda

71-year-old Linda McKenna was referred to Harklinikken by the Academic Alliance for Dermatology in her native US after experiencing hair loss. The Tampa Bay area librarian dreamed of a full head of shiny and smooth hair.

What products is Linda using?

Clean, effective and easy to use – three pillars of Harklinikken’s hair care regimen – she  applied Balancing Shampoo throughout her hair, rubbing in into her scalp before adding Restorative Shampoo and waiting a few minutes before rinsing and hydrating with Daily Conditioner. Over time she could see and feel a real change – and is committed to continuing her hair journey in the future. 

Linda's results

The results speak for themselves: Linda’s hair is much fuller and shinier – “and it looks better than with other shampoos I’ve used,” she happily notes. “I’ve learned to be patient in regrowing my hair; it takes time but is worth it. Harklinikken’s products gave me hope that I could restore my hair's fullness.” Over the course of eight months, Linda has regained not only her hair but also her confidence. “Now I feel good about myself and comfortable being around people. My newfound hair growth has motivated me to have highlights in my hair and try out an entirely new look. I'm so glad that I did it. I’ve received lots of compliments and it has really boosted my self-confidence.”

What is Linda's advice to others who struggle with hair thinning?

“That it is possible to reverse loss with Harklinikken’s products. If you’ve tried other products without results, I would encourage you to try Harklinikken because it really works, as evidenced by my results. It worked for me and there is a real possibility that it could work for you, too, as long as you follow the regimen.”

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