Name: Michael McGuirk
Real Estate 
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About Michael

When 47-year-old realtor Michael McGuirk noticed that his hair was starting to thin, he searched for effective solutions to combat hair loss. His hairdresser told him about Harklinikken and how its clean, natural formulas made with active ingredients could help to balance his scalp and promote hair growth. “I was looking for something that would stop my hair from thinning. My scalp was itchy and flakey. I also felt that my hair line at the front was thinning and receding slightly,” Michael tells. To Michael, healthy hair means not having to think about it. No checking shoulders for dandruff, and no making sure that thinning patches and bald spots are covered. After contacting one of Harklinikken’s hair specialists, who looked closer at his hair and scalp as well as his lifestyle habits to determine the best course of action, he embarked upon a new hair care regimen to bring his hair back to health.

What products is Michael using?

Cleansing with Balancing Shampoo and Restorative Shampoo before applying Daily Conditioner, his journey to healthier, stronger, fuller hair began. To boost growth, he started using Harklinikken’s proprietary Extract, a unique formula containing natural, active ingredients that work to promote new growth deep within the hair follicles. “I also style my hair with Styling Paste. It’s a firm favorite of mine, leaving absolutely no build-up on my hair and scalp. Plus, it holds the style throughout the day,” he says. 

What is Michael's advice to others who struggle with hair thinning?

After just four months, Michael saw a visible improvement, and now, four years in, he has truly discovered that it is possible to tackle hair loss head on – with effective results. “I’ve learned that there is something out there that can actually help with hair growth, and that I am not just wasting money, crossing my fingers and hoping something works,” he says. “I would absolutely recommend that others give Harklinikken a shot. I was a doubter but was able to see results in four months. I have using Harklinikken for around four years now – and have never looked back.”

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