Ricki Lake's hair restoration journey

When actress and television host Ricki Lake opened up about her 30-year struggle with hair thinning, she found support from women worldwide.

After countless clinical and holistic remedies, Ricki declared she had given up on ever having beautiful, lustrous hair again.

Yet, just months after Ricki’s declaration, she has seen dramatic changes in her hair and scalp thanks to Harklinikken's proprietary customized approach to creating optimal hair health.

The Harklinikken team is honored to have supported Ricki on her hair journey. We've seen Ricki go from thin hair to thick healthy hair as a result of her commitment to our hair growth regimen and our expertise in hair and scalp health.

Through our regimen, based on natural constituents and good chemistry, we've helped Ricki surpass her own expectations. By committing herself not just to the Extract program, but to the complete regimen of hair care products, she has restored faith in her hair’s potential.

Ricki’s story

It all began with empowerment

Ricki’s hair journey began long before she posted a photo of herself on New Year’s Day with close-cropped hair and an empowering story to share.

Around 30 years ago, shortly after she starred in Hairspray in 1988 and was triple-processing and teasing her hair every two weeks, her hair was left weak. Yo-yo dieting, hormonal birth control, pregnancies, genetics, hair dyes, and stress had also played a role in her hair loss.

Over the years, Ricki's hair got gradually thinner due to hereditary factors, which she was hiding with extensions. She tried steroid shots and many other products and treatments for hair thinning, all of which did not have any effect. She described the experience as: “Debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely.”

On New Year’s Day Ricki decided to take control of her life and her confidence again. She resolved to say no, once and for all, to temporary, quick fixes that further damaged her hair. She shaved her head and posted a beautiful selfie. Along with it, she penned an empowering message about starting over, liberation, and finally feeling like herself again.

Ricki's story

A new year, a new direction

Shortly after Ricki’s New Year’s post, she was referred to Harklinikken by her stylist and got in touch with founder and lead researcher, Lars Skjoeth. During the nearly three decades that Ricki had been struggling with hair thinning, Lars had been devoted to the research of all things hair, specifically hair thinning and hair loss and opening clinics around the globe.

Lars was convinced he could help her too, so he and Ricki met up in West Hollywood to discuss her experience.

The first step Harklinniken took was to address her topical scalp concerns. We recommended using a special scalp shampoo to prep her for the full Harklinikken program. A few weeks later, when Ricki went to our Beverly Hills clinic, her dedicated Hair Specialist examined her scalp and declared it ready to move on to the next stage, using our hair care regimen based on proprietary constituents derived from organic material. Our Extract was customized to her needs, and Ricki was instructed to use our Balancing Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, and Hair Hydrating Crème for optimum results.


The results

Just ten days later, her Hair Specialist checked in with her and Ricki had a glowing response:

I’m amazed. My hair is looking and feeling great! Seriously. And the protocol is so easy. The travel bottles are a game-changer. Just back from Mexico. Let’s set up a FaceTime with Lars so I can show both of you! 
XO Ricki.

After a video check-up with Lars Skjoth only three months after she started the Harklinikken Extract, Ricki FaceTimed her Hair Specialist and said she was “over the moon happy” with the program. She even claimed that her hair felt three times thicker than it used to.

Today, Ricki is so pleased with her progress that she wants to share her Harklinikken journey with the world. She continues to use her customized regimen and is feeling great about this new stage in her hair journey.

Start your hair journey

If you want to begin a hair journey like Ricki’s, we invite you to get in touch to discover more about our hair care regimen.

Our online Hair Assessment will help us learn more about you, your hair, and your scalp history, and from there, we'll customize and hand-blend your unique Extract and recommend your hair care regimen.

We'll be there for you on every step of your hair transformation journey, with follow-up appointments and check-ins whenever you require them. We’ll adjust your Extract continually throughout your hair journey according to your response and your compliance. Additionally, we’ll adjust shampoos and hydration products that work in synergy with the Extract.