Our skin is the layer that protects us from the elements and helps share our natural beauty with the world. But what about the skin hidden beneath our hair? Many of us don’t realize the importance of scalp care and how it can tie into hair breakage issues. Luckily, hair experts can help make this connection and share professional hair care products to improve both scalp health and your strands' strength.

You should pay just as much attention to scalp health as you do the skin on your face. However, the methods you use will, of course, be different. Since hair is involved, it’s essential to find solutions that nourish the scalp while gently encouraging locks to grow beautiful and strong. So let’s take a look at how breakage is linked to scalp health, and a few healthy scalp tips to help you on your hair journey.

How is hair breakage linked to scalp health?
When it comes to breakage, the main issue is often hair thinning. In this case, eliminating breakage means reversing thinning, which is how we arrive at the scalp. Scalp health is crucial for growing gorgeous hair, but there is mixed information on how to maintain it. Scalp scrubs that claim to remove impurities can cause breakage, while neglecting to cleanse can clog follicles with sebum and prevent growth. The best way to lay the foundation for less breakage is to wash the scalp daily or every other day. Using gentle, clean ingredients and maintaining a regular regimen, you’ll set your strands up to grow longer and stronger than ever.

Healthy scalp tips to prevent breakage
Thinning hair is more prone to breakage. This process is often gradual and can start at a young age. It’s a good idea to start a program to effectively reverse thinning as soon as you notice a decline in hair quality. The cornerstone of Harklinikken and our premier solution for thinning is our customized Extract. This product counteracting hair thinning with powerful natural and botanical-based constituents and is a topical liquid you apply to your scalp daily. Our Extract is made from the finest plan-based constituents and customized to the needs of each individual. Let’s take a look at some other tips and professional hair care products that help restore strength and prevent breakage.

Moisture is key
Maximizing hair moisture will keep it long, strong, and vibrant. Products that penetrate each strand and infuse moisture give your hair an elastic quality that prevents breakage. Professional hair care products like our Hair Mask boost moisture and nourish each strand to achieve the strength you’re after. This product is free of silicones, waxes, and petrochemicals that coat the hair and weigh it down. You can use this indulgent mask two to three times per week, ideally leaving it a few hours or overnight for optimum moisture absorption.

Let your strands breath
True hydration, not just a coating of silicone, is your ticket to amazing results. It’s crucial to avoid products with silicone, color, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, and fragrance. These can make hair look glossy in the short term, but they coat it with a sheen without any nutrition. Harklinikken products combine good chemistry with botanical-based products that let your scalp breath and keep your hair happy from follicle to end. 

Each scalp and hair type has different needs, so it is wise to undergo a consultation before beginning this process. Reach out to our hair specialist for healthy scalp tips and breakage advice unique to your head of hair.