When it comes to caring for your skin, you probably use a specific product to cleanse your face or moisturize sensitive areas around your eyes. But what about when it comes to your scalp? 

The scalp is a delicate ecosystem all of its own, and without regular washing and the right cleansing with gentle ingredients, you can suffer from scalp build up. This is when products builds up on your scalp along with oily sebum from your sebaceous glands and dry skin. It can cause redness and irritation and can even lead to hair thinning. So, just as other parts of the body require different products for optimal health and protection, your scalp is no different. Intentional scalp health requires a conscious, holistic approach that is altogether separate from your usual skincare routine. 

Since your scalp has more hair than the skin on your face, it has a unique set of needs. Luckily, Harklinikken specializes in a scalp-first approach to hair health and have carried out detailed studies on what products help most and develop professional hair care products that present exciting solutions for establishing a scalp care routine.

How is your scalp different from the skin on your face?
Your scalp differs from the skin on your face in several ways. Firstly, it has a lower barrier function. This means the scalp is prone to more issues than the face and other areas of the skin. While the scalp’s structure is similar to facial skin, the scalp does not have the same protection from unwanted environmental influences.

How do hair and scalp health affect one another?
Your scalp has more hair density than other parts of your body. The follicles are larger and contain more sebaceous glands. This is why you notice scalp build-up, or sebum, on your head between washes. And just as your hair changes the structure of your scalp, scalp health plays a significant role in each strand’s appearance, so it is crucial to maintain a proper routine with clean, nurturing products. 

Products like Harklinikken’s Balancing Shampoo are designed with good science and botanical-based ingredients, and they are blended to soothe and cleanse the scalp. Washing daily or every other day with this shampoo can help prevent scalp build up. Using the finest scalp health products can help revitalize your hair and leave you feeling amazing in your skin.

Happy scalp, radiant locks
Now that you understand your scalp and how it contributes to overall hair health, you may prioritize it within your self-care routine. Scalp care is a rewarding practice all its own, as the results come in the form of beautiful, lustrous locks. 

To make sure your scalp and hair stay as healthy as possible, you’ll want to use clean hair care products that gently cleanse, nurture, and maintain balance within the scalp’s delicate ecosystem. For a deep clean that removes scalp build-up and promotes optimal health, try Harklinikken’s Stabilizing Shampoo.