It is an unfathomable problem that so many women experience – how can you have both an oily scalp and dry hair ends? Despite many products promising a solution, the actual causes remain a mystery to many. Here, at Harklinikken, we have spent more than three decades researching how caring for our hair from within can make it more beautiful, and we have discovered the answer to this age-old question. Read on to find out more about the causes and solutions of an oily scalp with dry ends. 

Root causes
First of all, it’s important to understand that the combination of very dry ends and an oily scalp is common. Over the years, we have helped many clients on their hair journey, and with our specialists, you are in professional and experienced hands. A lustrous head of hair starts at the roots - precisely the condition of the scalp. Approximately 30 percent of our clients who lack good scalp health also experience hair thinning. This can be triggered by various factors, including hormonal changes, reduction in hair mass, and the use of unsuitable hair care products.

Our scalps are, in fact, delicate ecosystems, and all of these variables can cause the scalp to produce excess sebum, making hair appear dull and flat. When this happens, it can be tempting to use dehydrating, ‘volumizing’ products, in an attempt to lift the hair and absorb oil build-up. However, unsuitable products can further alter the scalp´s biological environment. This can lead to other hair vulnerabilities, such as thinning. 

Natural lengths
As hair begins to thin, the follicles undergo a process known as miniaturization. This is where the follicles gradually shrink, reducing the life cycle of the hair. Hair is then unable to grow as long or retain moisture as it used to, thus reducing the strands' thickness and leading to the ends feeling dry or brittle. When our hair ends are dry, many of us layer on lotions and conditioners to compensate. However, most conditioners contain ingredients that not only coat the strands with silicone but also contribute to scalp issues.

Holistic solutions
Our extensive research has found that to prevent oil build-up on the scalp, you should wash your hair at least three times per week. We recommend our Balancing Shampoo to improve your scalp´s ecosystem. The mild formulation was carefully created based on clean chemistry and gently adjusts the pH balance, making it suitable for daily use. When shampooing, focus on the scalp and massage with circular movements. Remember, if you wash your hair daily, you don’t need to apply shampoo to your hair's lengths, as this can cause dry hair ends. Follow this with our Daily Conditioner - applied to the hair and avoiding the scalp. With avocado oil and aloe vera leaf extracts, your hair will be left intensely hydrated but not weighed down - the ultimate relief for when your hair ends are dry. We also recommend using our leave-in Hair Hydrating Crème as often as possible during the day to infuse hydration into the hair strand, treating it from within. This penetrates deeply to increase elasticity and luster while reducing breakage - creating fullness and natural shine from the follicles to the ends. 

Show your hair a little compassion with these recommended products, based on good chemistry and problem-free ingredients. Our unique blends will have you well on your way to a healthy scalp and nourished ends.