For more than two decades, Lars Skjoeth has worked with clients on three continents to understand hair loss and create customized hair regrowth treatment plans. Between spending time in the lab and spending time with over 70,000 clients, he understands both the science and very personal experience of thinning hair.

"My clients motivate me every day as I see them react when they get results they did not believe were possible. The happiness that they express is what fuels my determination to continually seek new answers and improvements." Lars hopes to reach as many people experiencing hair loss as he can with the innovative techniques at Harklinikken. Below, he offers his best tips to improve hair health and maintain its strength in order to avoid hair loss.

5 tips for healthy hair

1. Eat a balanced diet
Eat nutrient-dense unprocessed food containing the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids and water. Imbalances can cause disturbance in all body mechanisms. Ensure you have good variations in your food intakes, as the lack of certain nutrients can cause problems with hair growth.

2. Wash your hair
Wash your hair often with a shampoo that does not contain perfume, artificial colors and problematic preservatives. It has been said that it is not good to wash your hair too often, as it strips the hair and scalp of its natural oils. But, if you’re using the right shampoo, it is not a problem to wash daily or every other day.

3. Protect your hair
Dark hair is more prone to damage from the sun. The darker your hair, the more light it absorbs, whereas blond or white hair is at the opposite end of the scale. Black or dark brown hair’s ability to absorb light results in a relatively larger portion of it being transferred to the hair, which causes the molecules to vibrate faster. This, in turn, means that the temperature rises, as heat is really just movement among the smallest particles. The conclusion is that dark hair – even though it is stronger than blond hair types – is more prone to be dried out and damaged from sun exposure, and should be protected with a scarf or a hat – preferably a light-colored one.

4. Be careful with products
If you use styling products, make sure to carefully apply them to the hair and avoid contact with the scalp since most styling products are loaded with chemical components and long-term exposure can cause contact allergies and eczema.

5. Don’t drink coffee after 4pm
Don’t drink coffee after 4pm to ensure deeper sleep, which results in a better hormone balance, better metabolism, more energy and subsequently more optimal circumstances for a healthy hair.