Exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Your weight will be kept under control, you will have more energy, your mood will be lighter, and you will sleep better. With all those perks, exercising raises a question. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? The answer is yes. You can actually exercise too much and strain your health. People who excessively exercise are usually concerned about how they look. Therefore, the fact that excessive exercise has a side effect of hair loss should probably concern them.

Root causes of hair loss
Not all hair loss is permanent; some types are temporary. Most hair loss is caused by genetics, and unfortunately, hair loss due to a genetic predisposition is more likely permanent. Hair loss due to excessive exercise falls into the category of temporary hair loss. Athletes often fall prey to this form of temporary hair loss because of excessive exercising, poor nutrition, and inadequate hair care. While it is difficult knowing that your hair may be getting thinner, there is a way you can reverse this process. If you are hitting the gym, make sure to take care in the following areas:

People who want to lose weight through exercise and diet often neglect proper nutrition. Cutting your calories is a good thing, but if your exercise is using up all available vitamins and nutrients, you could develop a deficiency. You will lose weight, but you may also lose some of your hair.

Don’t place your body into a zone of chronic stress through excessive exercise. Stress will affect a lot of facets of your overall health, including your hair. Limit your exercising to five days a week, one hour per session at the most.

Hair care

Showering after you workout is always a good idea. Not only for the obvious reasons, but also because sweat will build up on your scalp if you don’t. This build up could lead to hair loss. Get rid of (or wash) any old, sweaty hats you have been wearing; these can affect your hair’s health, too. Keeping your scalp clean is critical to hair health. Be gentle when trying to get your hair out of your face. Don’t put your hair in a tight braid or ponytail. Too-tight hairstyles are strenuous on your hair and can further the process of hair loss. Swimming can be a great workout, but public pools are often loaded with chlorine and other chemicals. These chemicals will dry your hair out and make your follicles very brittle.