Founder and head of scientific research Lars Skjoeth was inspired from early on to understand the connection between the foods we eat and our hair health.

How have you learned about the link between daily nutrition and hair health?
I’ve learned a lot by doing. It’s one thing to learn academically, but it’s another to apply it to real people’s challenges.” Sixty hours a week seeing clients one on one has offered him the expert knowledge to treat hair loss—even helping clients help themselves. “It’s incredible how much information and feedback you receive by listening, and how much that can inspire you to seek answers.

So is there really such thing as superfoods?
Absolutely. There are foods naturally rich in all types of nutrients that may help prevent disease. Many of these nutrients are also important to hair health. Some of these include; Protein, Vitamin C, Biotin, B vitamins, Zinc, Niacin and Iron.

What can Americans learn from Danish cuisine?
Harklinikken was founded in Copenhagen, and we take quite a different approach to food there. Danish cuisine is naturally rich in many of these so-called superfoods; Salmon from the north sea, Crunchy green vegetables like kale, carrots, cauliflower and beet root, all growing in nutrient-rich fat soil, Seaweed and Yogurt made from fermented milk.

Try something new—you may surprise yourself. If you’re able to work superfoods into your diet, it can be a simple way to help ensure you’re receiving the nutrients needed to maintain hair health.