Article by Kaleigh Fasanella, Januaray 27, 2019 

This past Thursday evening, everyone from friends and colleagues to press and patients assembled on the third floor of a chic Fifth Avenue building in the Flatiron District for one purpose: to celebrate the official opening of Harklinikken's first flagship hair-loss clinic in the U. S. “We are thrilled to finally have a Harklinikken clinic in one of the greatest cities in the world,” said founder Lars Skjoth at the intimate launch party.

Harklinikken is a Denmark-born brand based on 26 years of research, which provides a highly effective, plant-based approach to female balding. It's for this reason that the company has managed to acquire a steadily growing clientele in the U.S., so this move is especially exciting for women who already swear by its hair-loss treatments and who could benefit from regular check-ins or additional care. Additionally, the clinic's opening is encouraging news for anyone who's been on the hunt for a new hair-loss solution.

Don't let the word "clinic" fool you, though. I can assure you firsthand that it feels nothing like a hospital or doctor's office. Instead, it's a safe haven, as Skjoth himself said, that was meticulously designed to make women struggling with hair loss feel comfortable, cared for, and at ease despite their less-than-ideal circumstances. “Female hair loss can be a brutal attack on a woman’s self-image [as] many women equate losing their hair to losing a part of who they are, and they can feel ashamed,” said Skjoth. "That is why it was so important for me to create a safe haven, where women can feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share their concerns; that, and it also gives our clients a place to connect and build a community, gaining support not only from Harklinikken but from other clients as well, reminding each other that no one is alone," he added.

The feeling of community was also tangible in the clinic on Thursday, as several of Skjoth's patients shared their personal hair-loss experiences, the ways in which it affected their mental health and senses of self, and how Harklinikken finally helped them get their hair — and with it, their confidence — back. One woman told the harrowing story of how, after having surgery for thyroid cancer, she began noticing an alarming increase in shedding and strands of hair going down the drain. After experimenting with many other remedies and falling into depression for the first time in her life, she finally found Harklinikken — and it changed everything. "Anyone who knows me knows that my hair was always down to my waist, but Harklinikken has given me the confidence to cut 10 inches off for the first time ever," she shared with the crowd.

More than just a clinic in the traditional sense, Harklinikken's spa-like NYC flagship features an in-house lab where the brand's hair-loss specialists hand-mix personalized formulas for patients and an on-site image analysis system to track hair regrowth as precisely as possible. According to a press release sent to Allure, the technology has the ability to measure the exact increase of hair mass in the treated area, as well as the quantity and diameter of the hair and its growth progress before, during, and after treatment. The coolest part: Harklinikken is currently the only company to use this type of software to track hair-loss treatment.

If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss and live near (or have access to) the New York area, absolutely give Harklinikken's clinic a ring. You can schedule an appointment at or you call 646-817-8555. Currently taking bookings for the Harklinikken NYC Clinic.