Article by Garrett Munce, Men's Health, February 11, 2022

Behind every great man is a great head of hair. Okay, that’s not really a saying, but it might as well be. Think of your favorite celebrities and chances are most of them have pretty damn good hair. But if we’re going to be really accurate, the saying should go something like this: Behind every great man is a great groomer. And Amy Komorowski is one of the greatest.

Somehow, Komorowski has had her hand in creating the looks for nearly every famous dude you can think of. Remember those Adam Driver Burberry ads? That’s her handiwork. Her client list spans A-listers like Driver, Oscar Isaac, Jeff Bridges, and Eddie Redmayne to up-and-comers like Evan Mock and Thomas Doherty and everyone in between like Andrew Garfield and Joe Jonas. So when it comes to making any man look his very best, her word is basically gospel.

But her philosophy may surprise you. “When it comes down to it, simple is always better,” she says. “You don’t need a complicated regimen. It’s the little things, the details, that make a big transformation.” To her, it’s all about small, easy fixes that work together to upgrade any grooming routine. Whether it’s depuffing your eyes, keeping your beard trimmed, or switching out your hair product, her quick, simple fixes can seriously transform your look. These are the top tricks she uses on her clients and that you can adopt at home for a serious celebrity-level upgrade.”

Keep Your Scalp Clean

“If you have any kind of thinning problems with your hair, you have to be cleaning your scalp to get rid of the oil and residue so your hair can continue to grow out easily. Harklinikken makes one of the best scalp cleaning shampoos out there. It really helps get rid of product buildup that can clog all the pores in your scalp. When you use it, really massage it in to stimulate circulation and blood flow to the scalp.”