Hair loss among teenagers is fairly rare, but there are still many different occasions where teenagers may lose their hair. The majority of these reasons are usually only temporary. When it does happen though, it can be extremely embarrassing; that is why it’s so important to pinpoint the exact cause of the hair loss. This way, the problem can be addressed and the teenager can overcome the problem. Reaching out to a hair restoration specialist is an important first step when determining the actual cause. Otherwise, here is 3 common causes of hair loss in teens:

1) Excessive use of gels, sprays, bleach, etc.
Adolescents tend to put a variety of chemicals in their hair by using an assortment of hair care products. Depending on the products they are using, they can seriously damage their hair. A lot of these products build up oil on their scalp. Look carefully at the products being used to ensure sprays or gels aren’t causing harm.

Along with styling products, hair coloring and bleaching products can be harmful as well. Both of these can easily make hair break off. Also, avoid excessive straightening and curling as it can lead to scalp damage. This does not mean teens can never style their hair and they have to forget about their appearance. However, it does mean they have to be conscious of the products they are using. It also means they have to take good care of their hair by washing and conditioning it regularly.

2) Medicine
Plenty of teenagers are taking different medications that may be leading to hair loss. A very common medication amongst teens is acne medication. There are certain chemicals in specific brands of acne medication which can cause hair to fall out. There are also problems with certain bipolar medications and even some birth control pills. It’s important to discuss these side effects with a doctor to identify if the medication is the underlying cause of hair loss.

Two other factors in hair loss are diet pills and chemotherapy. Diet pills have countless side effects to them so it is important to be extra careful – not just with hair loss, but with overall health. Chemotherapy is synonymous with hair loss and is often just a necessary evil to rid a person of a horrible disease. Luckily, hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary and normal hair growth is possible once treatment is over.

3) Bad eating habits
The most common reason a teenager would lose their hair is by eating poorly. Teenagers far and wide neglect a proper diet. By not eating properly, teenagers develop vitamin deficiencies. When people lack proper vitamins, their body struggles to do everything it is supposed to do – including growing hair. Make the change to a proper diet and get your necessary vitamins. Don’t skip out on the fruits and vegetables, they are necessary for your body and your scalp.

Another issue among teens is eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. In these cases a teenager is extremely deprived of the necessary nutrients for survival. Their hair will start falling out – along with countless other health problems. Unfortunately, this is commonly seen in teenage girls and the individual suffering from it should seek professional help.

By identifying the specific reasons behind hair loss, a teen can finally resolve the issue and let go of embarrassment. Hair loss in teenagers is a reversible process. By discovering the causes, teens give themselves a chance to fix the problem.