It’s more than hair. It’s you.

At Harklinikken, we truly believe that hair is not just hair. It is so much more. It is your confidence, your personality, your expression, and your self-esteem. In short, it’s you. So, we want to harness our Scandinavian heritage, the power of nature, and the efficacy of science to partner with you on your unique hair journey. Our personalized and bespoke hair and scalp treatments and clean, hand-crafted hair care products are ready to give you fuller hair and to bring back the vitality of your hair. Together, we can discover your hair’s full potential. And, perhaps, also your own.  

Your hair journey is unique

Our 30 years of experience have taught us that every person’s hair requires customized care. This is why we create individual hair and scalp treatment regimes for each and every one of our clients — over one hundred thousand men and women around the world since 1992. At the heart of our tailored treatment is the highly-effective, time-tested Harklinikken Extract. Each unique drop is gentle, nourishing and color and fragrance free. Your personal formulation is hand-blended for you by our expert Hair Specialists and constantly adjusted as you journey towards thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

Our founder shares his passion

Harklinikken Founder and Lead Researcher, Lars Skjøth, has been learning about hair and scalp health and vitality since he was 25 years old. He is endlessly curious about how science, clean ingredients and customized treatment can best combine to restore and improve hair and scalp health. He says: “Hair continues to amaze me. It defines us and is part of our identity and self-image. My greatest goal is for all my clients to feel empowered when they walk into one of our clinics. I want Harklinikken to be a safe haven where you can start your journey towards beautiful hair and supreme confidence. I want you to feel good and look good.”

Start your hair journey

The easiest way to begin is via our online Hair Assessment. Once we have the full picture of your individual hair care needs, we can begin creating a Harklinikken solution just for you. You can also choose to visit one of our international Harklinikken Clinics for an in-person consultation with an expert Hair Specialist. They will create a tailored hair and scalp treatment regime for you and guide you every step of the way.